The Quest for Emotional Endurance

Making the Mind Strong

Why is it that when we think about an athlete, we first think about their current PHYSICAL training accomplishments or level?

Is it because we are a species that considers information based on what we can see, outwardly?

I've noticed that my weakest link is emotional  endurance.  It isn't that my body gives out or that I physically bonk.  It’s  that my mind bonks.

I've begun some personal research on psychological training.  I wanted more than just a hypnotic sound track to listen to or a positive mantra to repeat.

Hence, I have discovered this piece of literary work entitled "Triathlete EQ: A Guide For Emotional Endurance" by Dr. Izzy Justice.

As I began reading, the need to take notes grew strong.  "Pull over at this gas station!" I tell my spouse.   Promptly,  I went in and spent about $5.00 on a small 3-subject notebook.  Yes, convenience has it's price.

As the reading began, I discovered that this is the missing piece to my training.  I was emotionally on fire to find the answer.  I needed a  framework on how to accompish this, not just an inspiring story that churns the spirit.

Without going into detail, as we all pick up different parts that are meaningful to us, I have already noticed a difference in how I think and respond to training the body.  

During training and racing, emotions fluctuate.  

It can sound like this (in no particular order):

*Right on!  I'm gonna crush it!

* I feel pretty good still.

* The swim is just a warm up.

* I could be sleeping in right now. Why did I sign up for this again?   

Oh, right.

* Here's a skill I'm really bad at: Drinking water while running. 

Definitely didn't practice that enough.

* This energy gel just gave me a magical boost! 

Maybe I actually can make it through the next 8.1 miles.

* My feet hurt. So do my legs. And my lungs.

* My legs are on fire!

 I'm probably going to need to be taken home on a stretcher.

* Wait, what? Where did this humongous hill come from? 

I thought the hard part was over.

See how it goes from “I’m OK“ to “Ok No!" so quickly?  

It's all about managing the thoughts & emotions and then choosing behaviors that serve the TRUE Goal, not the "right now" impulse

This is where I see my work as a psycho-therapist getting married to my "LOVE" of endurance sports.  

At its root, this is a form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

 My friends know that there is a point in a run or training that I go

 "to that dark place" in my mind.  They can see it happen.  

My face changes, my interactions change & it's not so fun to see  happen.  

I love my friends who understand & don't freak out about it.  

But, that is why I need the emotional endurance training piece.  

The "dark place" is NOT enjoyable or motivating.

I now begin my quest of applying knowledge to self and measuring outcomes.  

Learn More about Emotional Endurance

Emotional Endurance Training is vital to your overall training success!

Check out more on this by reading "Triathlete E.Q."

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