Upcoming Evetn!

Fall Swim Clinic!

Sunday, November 10th at 8:30 am, we will be hosting a Fall Swim Stroke Clinic in Noblesville, Indiana.

Renowned Coach Dick Sidner and crew will be at the lead.

The Fall session in the pool will be an introduction to better swimming! 

We will learn how to use swim equipment (fins, pull buoys, and paddles) properly and for what purpose. 

Coach Sidner and crew will help you fix flaws in your stroke technique,  and will provide personal videos with analysis (subject to change).  

If time permits we will work on drills to help sighting so that you're ready for open water practice in the spring. 

Spaces are limited to 15 attendees, with brunch provided afterwards.

Cost $25 (plus online processing fee)

If you are a paying club member at the appropriate level, you will be sent a discount code.