Featured Atomic Betty: Jennifer Martin

 Meet Meet Jennifer.  She is our Atomic Betty Tri-Sister in the great state of Michigan!  She says, "My kids are grown. It's my time to play again!"

Let's get to know her better!


Q:  How did you get your start in triathlon? 

Jennifer:  "I started with a mini sprint triathlon just over 3 years ago." 

Q:  What do you enjoy most about our sport? 

Jennifer:  "What I enjoy most in the sport is the people."

Q: Are you coached or self-coached?  How did you land on going that particular route? 

Jennifer:  "I am self coached right now.  I started (training) with a woman on Saturday mornings thru the first mini tri!"

Q: How do you juggle your family, job, social life, other hobbies & your training?  

Jennifer:  "My kids are grown.  I meet people at tri's and runs! "


Q: What was the greatest challenge you face when training? 

Jennifer:  "My greatest challenge in tri is gaining speed because I age every year."  

Q: Favorite race or training moment?   

Jennifer:  "My favorite race is Chicago.  9,000 people all doing the same thing in a beautiful city.  We get  to swim downtown but it got cancelled in 2019 for the first time.' 

Q: Who, or what, in triathlon inspires you?

Jennifer: "Atomic Betty ladies and Athenas inspire me. I had a heart attack at 48. My kids are grown. It's my time to play again! I like to feel like I am at play." 


Jennifer Miller is on the ride!  Lovin' every second of it!