Featured Atomic Betty: Tiffany Alsabrook

Get to Know Tiffany!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce Tiffany Alsabrook as our inaugural Featured Atomic Betty!  Her zest for life and dedication to supporting well-being of self and other members is just soooo amazing!

Get to Know Tiffany!

Q: Tiffany, what are you passionate about? 

Tiffany:  "I  am passionate about fitness and keeping the weight that I lost off.  I especially love my bike."

Q:  How did you get your start in triathlon? 

Tiffany:  "I need a knee replacement and walking hurts my knees.  Biking and swimming doesn’t.  I joined the Atomic Betty Facebook page and saw a lot  of discussion about triathlons and thought that I could probably work really hard at that.  My 1st tri was Go Girl 2017."


Q:  What do you enjoy most about our sport? 

Tiffany:  "I enjoy the bike.  I want to be really good at something and love it. "


Q: Are you coached or self-coached?  How did you land on going that particular route? 

Tiffany: "I just found a coach and hired him.  I am only 1 month in and am not completely sold yet on whether he is a good fit for me.  But, I would  bike and bike for days and didn’t feel like I was really doing things to get better.  In 2017 I worked for a short time with a swim coach (Dick Sidner) and saw a lot of improvement with him.  Now, Sean and I are going to work on overall strength."

Q: How do you juggle your family, job, social life, other hobbies & your training?  

Tiffany:  "I feel like mine is easier than most.  I don’t have kids.  My hobby is Orange Theory and my bike.   I decide every Sunday what my week looks like and what I can get done.  I  don’t care for mornings during the week so I try to do workouts after work.  My exercise time IS my social life. "


Q: What was the greatest challenge you face when training? 

Tiffany: "The greatest challenge is pushing myself harder and seeing how far I can do it.  Also, when training hard for something, I don’t seem to  lose weight.  It blows my mind.  So, I have reached out to a Sports Dietician to help me figure out the balance."

Q: Who, or what, in triathlon inspires you? 

Tiffany: "Kim and Tonya inspired me to get out there and try a triathlon.  I am super proud to be a triathlete because it really is learning 3 different  disciplines.   I watch all the Betty’s grow into the sport and podium often times.  I LOVE seeing new Betty’s, like Elaine, finish their first tri strong and feel every emotion that they feel."

Q: Favorite race or training moment?   

Tiffany: "Go Girl, of course is the favorite race but crossing the finish line of the Gran Fondo, Greenville with Katie Johnson there with me was the  best thing ever.  We were Atomic Betty Strong."

(Bonus question!)  What question did you hope that I’d ask you, but haven’t?  And what is the answer to that question? 

Tiffany: "Why be a Betty and what does it mean?  I have seen this group flourish from a fairly small group of women that wanted to do the Go Girl Triathlon  to a group of women hundreds strong that empower and lift up other women.  A group that gives back and is full of love.  ESPECIALLY our mentor, Kim!!!"