Featured Atomic Betty: Tonya Bush-Sawyer

Get to Know Tonya!

Meet Tonya Bush-Sawyer!  She is one mentally tough cookie and one you can't easily forget!

Get to Know Tonya!

Q: Tonya, what are you passionate about? 

Tonya:  "I am passionate about The community that the Tri world affords and biking, of course!"

Q:  How did you get your start in triathlon? 

Tonya:  "About 8 years at nearly 350 lbs. I watched my wife train for and complete a sprint, she was one and done and I was hooked and swore one day that would be me."


Q:  What do you enjoy most about our sport? 

Tonya:  "The community."


Q: Are you coached or self-coached?  How did you land on going that particular route? 

Tonya:  "Coached.  I need to be feed a plan and need someone to hold my feet over the fire."

Q: How do you juggle your family, job, social life, other hobbies & your training?  

Tonya:  "I work part-time so most of my workouts are done during the day when the family is at school/work. That helps but before that I would get workouts in before my world wakes."


Q: What was the greatest challenge you face when training? 

Tonya: "Swimming, still is my biggest challenge."

Q: Who, or what, in triathlon inspires you?


Tonya: "Newbies inspire me, it’s really hard to take that leap and it’s amazing to watch the transformation it brings."

Q: Favorite race or training moment?   

Tonya: "My first Tri was Go Girl, I did it on a mountain bike that weighed a ton, took nearly 10 minutes in T1 and cursed every damn hill in Eagle Creek...and I loved every single moment of it!"


Tonya Bush-Sawyer (left), attending Miamiman aquathon, where she qualified for- and is going  Words!