Go Gril Sprint Triathon, Duathlon & Relay 2019

Race Date:  Saturday, August 17th, 2019

Location: Eagle Creek State Park, Indianapolis, Indiana

Event Company:  Tuxedo Brothers -


Club Discount?!?!  Oh heck yes!  


Other Atomic Betty Club Specials at this Event:

* For the Triathlon Event, there will be a rack designated for our club members

* Club "BUTT BIBS" will be made available for those who wish to wear them

* I will make myself available to help club members set up.  Other Betties might also be helping. 

* We typically create our own Atomic Betty Swag Bags - pitch in style.

  •  About 1 week before the event, we will take a head count (in our private FACEBOOK page)  of those attending (both as athletes or volunteers supporting Atomic Betty). 
  •  I will announce the total and ask that anyone wanting a Swag bag contribute an item of that count to the bag.  
  • There will be bags set out in our "makeshift club tent" race day morning.
  • In the past, we have had about 25 - 30 attendees representing Atomic Betty!

Event Options:

Sprint Distance - 500 meter swim, 10 mile bike, 3 mile run
Duathlon - 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, 3 mile run
Triathlon Relay - 2 or 3 people (1 person swims, 1 person bikes, 1 person runs)
Duathlon Relay - 2 people (1 person runs, 1 person bikes, 1 person runs) 


Your 2019 Go Girl Triathlon Sprint Training Plan


Hello all and welcome to the 2019 season!

It's time for our training plan to be announced.  I'd like to note that this training plan is designed for the every day awesome woman.  If you are seeking a more complex training plan, they are out there!  

This plan begins on May 25th.....what we consider as Week 1!

This is a comprehensive 12 week training plan.

You can shift the days around, as long as you are aware that placing the same type of work out next to each other is not the most ideal.  For example... if you have a bike day, you don't want to shift your plan so that another bike day is right before or after it.

The longest distances you will work up to for the sprint plan is as follows:

Swim =1,000 yards - you by no means need to hit 1,000 yards.              This event is 500 meters  (hint, a meter is shorter than a yard)

Bike - 60 minutes (we train by time, not distance)

Run:  45 minutes (we train by time, not distance)

NOTE:  There are many effective plans out there!  You can be as fancy or basic as you'd like.  Yes, there are apps and services you may purchase.  Do what works for you and your learning & training style.

Go Girl Triathlon Event

This is our signature goal event.  Lots of Betties will be present to celebrate each other!

Discount Code:  ATOMICBETTY

Register for Go Girl Here!

Final Training Week - Taper!

Friday, August 9th

     Run 20 minutes (easy pace)

Saturday, August 10th

   Swim 400 yards

  • Warm Up - 50 yards
  • Main Set -   2 x 50 yards (rest 10 sec in between)  
  • Cool Down - 100 yards

Sunday, August 11th

    Bike 35 minutes (easy)

Monday, August 12th - REST DAY

Tuesday, August 13thh

     Running: 20 minutes (Easy Run)

Wednesday, August 14th

   Swim 400 yards

  • Warm Up - 100 yards
  • Main Set -   2 x 50 yards (rest 10 sec in between)  
  • Cool Down - 100 yards

Thursday, August 15th

   Bike 20 minutes 

Friday, August 16th

      Brick!!  Bike 15 minutes & immediately run 10 minutes  

Saturday, August 17th - RACE DAY