Welcome to Atomic Betty. An adventurous women's fitness & social group.

Mission Statement

To serve as ambassadors of sports related to triathlon, 

fostering a culture of inclusivity & empowerment of the everyday woman. 

Building badass athletes, one woman at a time.

About Us

What is an "Atomic Betty"?

Atomic - Full of Power and Gusto

Betty - A Term for a "Hottie"

A Kick-Ass, Empowered, Emblazoned, & Confident Woman!

How do I become one?

Help set the example for empowerment, courage and full living.  

You  decide what method works for you.  

Share your adventures and be sure to create belongining with others .

What does this cost?

  • A bit of your personal "LIFE SPARK" of  inspiration

  • Kindness & curiosity

  • YOUR super hero powers A.K.A.  special talents

  • Whatever else you think would  enhance self & others

*See newly added Membership page if you wish to be an official Atomic Betty Member beginning Fall 2019!

What the What is This About?

In the Beginning...

For those brave enough to become a tri-lady, unite!

Welcome to a sisterhood where women of all backgrounds & lifestyles join together to accomplish awesomeness!

This group will primarily support women who want to do their 1st Triathlon Sprint, have done a few, have advanced to other distances or anything tri-sport related! We come together to share our enthusiasm and positive support.

You will get various resources, with unlimited opportunities to ask questions so you can feel empowered to knock the rocks off of your first Triathlon Sprint!

To me, the time you clock doesn't have much to do with this...but if you personally want it to....rock it!  We support you!

And don't worry, there will be much celebration along the journey.

My "Why?" 

I hold no sponsorships, licensures or $ ties for any of the resources I provide.  

I completed my 1st Tri all self-coached with:

- Swim DVDs from a public library

- A community pool

- Access to a local state park with a "lake" to swim in (always bring a buddy!)

- Videos from the internet

- Mostly recycled sports equipment (including "Junkyard Dog" - a mountain bike I salvaged and worked on)

I am not elite and I carried an extra 20 (ok -30)  lbs  .... but I did this and so can you!  And I still carry a bit extra.  

I want you all to be able to experience empowerment and belonging...and to say YES>>>>>I AM A TRIATHLETE!

- "Be the Spark for Another's Light!"

Kim Meyer


Atomic Betty club currently partners with non-profits and physical activity related entities.  

Atomic Betty is registered as an LLC with pursuit of a non-profit 501(c)7 to be developed in the future.

Atomic Betty is a registered USA Triathlon Club & Ironman Club affiliate (2019).

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We are a virtual community but located primarily in Indiana.

Atomic Betty, LLC.

Indiana, United States

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